Thursday, November 20, 2014

What Do Men Really Want from Women?

You can bear with me that sex is very important when it comes to marriage. In every marriage, if sex is not involved between the married couples, then it’s likely the marriage will collapse. This alone gives us the realization of how sex is really important when it comes to marriage. Men are very aggressive when it comes to sex. Therefore it is being said that sex is the only passion for men and nothing matters. Well, your assumptions can be true only if he has not married you yet or if he does not really intend to marry you. So what he would need from you is mostly sex. But if he intends to marry you or you guys are married already then sex will be the very last portion in his mind.

Many women think for the fact that they are sexually active and experienced, they can get their dream husbands easily with all the love they need. When a man approaches for marriage, they think the greatest asset they have to show the man is sex. Others also think once they are giving out the best for which reason they will be chosen above all. There was a woman who was beautiful and sexually active. As a result of that, she thought sex is all that matters to a man. She struggled for many years before getting a man. Her sexual dexterity could not win her the heart of a man until she finally got a good man to marry her. But within a year, the wedding fell on the rocks. Within a couple of years, different men came to her way but were not able to stay. Now the problem was so simple. She thought sex was all that matters so she would never submit. But submission is what men need, not sex. Therefore, it is time for young ladies to realize that when a man is ready to marry, he would not look for a man who would satisfy him sexually but rather a woman who would be submissive to him. Because when you are a humble woman, you are an expensive jewelry. And a man of integrity will fear to lose you. Please note that a man’s true love goes out only for a woman who is submissive. Your beauty cannot make a man give you all his heart and soul but rather your humility can let him love you above all women. But unfortunately, many ladies call submission as “control” and they will go like “as for me I do not want any man to control me”. Let me make this straight, if you do not want to submit then do not even think about marriage. This is because no man in his right senses will offer his love to you. When a woman bows her knees before a man, automatically the man bows his heart before her love and loves her sincerely. There are recalcitrant men who will not value women of humility but I tell you that every true man does not need sex but submission. For it is submission that truly makes you a romantic wife. So be the African queen you want to be but when it comes to dealing with your husband, play the role of a humble maid. Do not forget that it is the spirit of humility that has caused many maids to hijack their mistresses’ husbands. Therefore be submissive to your husband and you will get all the love you truly deserve.

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