Monday, December 12, 2016

4 Ways You can Train Your Prophetic Muscles

Everybody starts somewhere…
Did you ever hear someone say “I’m just not prophetic.” or “I don’t have the gift of evangelism on my life”? There were times when I used to think that about myself. Today I know it’s absolute bullocks (excuse me), since I’m operating in spiritual gifts now that I never thought possible not too long ago. You see our spiritual gifts don’t just work magically at the push of a button. Just as any other practical skill, spiritual gifts need to be learned and can be improved by repeated practice. Think of it as of a muscle that grows as it’s being stretched and challenged. Not even the “great prophets” and men and women of God woke up one day with a spiritual six-pack. They all understood what it means to steward a God-given gift and take risk until they’d rise to higher levels.
Here are 4 fun and practical ways you can grow in the prophetic gift today: 

I know this sounds crazy, but this one is actually a lot of fun, trust me. Here is how it works: Next time you’re together with a few friends, pull out your phone and ask everyone for a prophetic impression on a number. Punch the first 10 digits you come up with into your cellphone. Now take 2 minutes and have everybody collect a few prophetic byimpressions for the owner of that phone number. Hit the “call” button and what until somebody picks up or the mailbox answers. Say something like “Hello there, my name is [your name] and this might be the weirdest phone call you’ve ever received. You don’t know me but I felt God just told me to call this number and tell you this these hopefully encouraging words… [reach the phone around until all prophecies are spoken]. I hope this helped you out somehow. God bless you and have a great day!” I’ve done this a couple of times and it’s always been an incredible encounter. 

I love it when God gives me names of strangers, although it’s only happened to me a handful of
times so far. There’s not a lot that’s more impactful than supernaturally knowing someone’s name and being able to tell them God has a message for them. One of the things I do when people ask me to go out with them and activate them in the supernatural is I take them to busy places and tell them to look at strangers, ask God for their names, take the first one that comes to mind and then approach the person asking: “Excuse me, is your name bla?” You wouldn’t believe the amount of life changing stories developing out of those situations. You ask what happens if it’s the wrong name? Well, I guess then you’ll get stoned right there! I’m just kidding. Absolutely nothing is going to happen. People are going to say “no” and you can reply something like “oh, sorry! My fault.”.
They’ll forget about it in a matter of minutes and you learned a valuable lesson: how it feels like
when Holy Spirit is NOT speaking to you. I value these lessons almost as much as the successful
ones. Why not try this next time you’re grocery shopping?

I’m sure you know these moments that you just randomly find yourself thinking about a friend or loved one completely out of the blue. We usually write this off as “daydreaming” and try to “pull ourselves together again” to focus on what we should be doing right now. I’ve discovered in my own life that almost every time I have one of these moments, there’s actually something going on with that person. Even if they just had a moment of loneliness – God created community to take care of the small issues as well. I made it a habit to contact them right away and tell them I’ve been thinking of them. If you get a prophetic impression along the way, that’s perfect, but not

I absolutely love this one. Every once in a while (I’d love to do it every day), I just stop whatever I’m doing, close my eyes and ask God who of my friends needs an encouraging word right now. As soon as a person comes to mind I start writing a text to them. I ask God what’s going on with them right now, what they’re feeling and what He wants them to become aware of right now. Then I type it out in a short message.

We can’t grow in areas we don’t challenge ourselves in. Learn to take “failures” with humor, never give up and I can guarantee you that you’ll experience ridiculous growth in your Holy Spirit Gifts faster than you think possible. Do you ever purposefully practice your prophetic gift? What other ways to practice can you think of? Let me know by commenting below.

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