Sunday, December 25, 2016

Prophetic Etiquette and Guidelines

The following guidelines are met to help, not become laws.
We know in part, and we prophesy in part. (1 Cor 13:9)
Be comfortable knowing that the prophetic word you give may not make sense to you.
  • Eagerly desire to prophesy, in the right way.
  • God speaks in many different ways and to people you may not expect. Learn to recognize the “voice of many waters”
  • Be secure enough in yourself, knowing God made you in your unique way.
  • The spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets
  • Timing is essential. Some things should not be revealed but prayed for.
  • Try not to prophesy head knowledge.
  • Prophesy from the motivation of God’s love for the person.
  • Prophesy with grace, gentleness and wisdom. Avoid negative prophesy; prophesy the solution not the problem.
  • God may just give you a word or a sentence. Speak out only what God gives you to speak. Seek revelation, not your interpretation
  • Prophesy will never contradict the written Word
  • Follow the presence of the Lord. A good time to end the prophetic word is when HE leaves the conversation
  • A single word of destiny blessing can be more powerful that a 15 minute prophecy
  • Perform a “heart check” on yourself before giving a prophetic word
  • Your gift will make room for you, do not seek to establish yourself with your gift
  • Never try to control or manipulate anyone with the prophet.
  • Breath mints are anointed. Knock them over with gift, not your breath
  • Use normal language, avoid King James English and Christianeeze
  • The words “Thus saith the Lord” are not necessary
  • Learn to become naturally supernatural
  • What God reveals, HE wants to heal
  • Search out people with a mature prophetic gift, and hang around them
  • Saturate yourselves with the prophetic experiences of others
  • Submit to authority in a personal mentoring relationship
  • Allow your prophetic words to be examined and tested, without taking offense
  • Always be humble
  • Do not allow pet doctrines to influence the prophetic word
  • Prophetic evangelism is powerful
  • The power of Life and death are in your tongue. Choose Life
  • Become a “friend of God”. Intimacy is your highest call and purpose.
  • Spend time in the secret place, where the deep parts of you call out for the deep parts of God
  • Set your mind on Heavenly things
  • Stir up the gift within you. Holy desperation lays hold of revelation
  • Ask and expect Angelic and God encounters in the supernatural
  • Practice an Open Heaven
  • Learn to see with the eyes of your heart
  • Ask permission before praying for someone
  • An inaccurate prophetic word does not make that person a false prophet
  • Allow your mistakes and failures to be learning experiences.
  • You will make mistakes, but God is bigger than your mistakes
  • Clean up your own messes
  • If a word involves direction, have an overseer involved in the application of the word
  • Prophecy can be a potential word and a conditional word
  • Strengthen, encourage and comfort
  • Invest in your prophetic education
  • Fear is a demonic spirit, defeat it in the Name of Jesus
  • Resist condemnation. The enemy is an accuser
  • Resist the fear of making mistakes
  • Depend completely upon the Holy Spirit
  • The course of a person life should not be changed by one word
I bless you and affirm that you are a prophetic person and part of a prophetic generation. I call forth and awaken the prophetic gift that is within you. You have been created by your perfect heavenly Papa for fellowship and to hear His voice. I bless you and affirm that you have been created for this time and this hour to bring “heaven to earth” but saying what you hear the Father saying and doing what you see the Father doing. Amen

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